Glow In Dark

Glow in the dark Colours can be use for UV/Solvent Based /Water Based application. Recommended Mesh Screen 24T.

Covercoat Scratch Removable Ink-26 Series Ink

Covercoat Scratch Removable obliterating ink is designed to give excellent hiding power for Scratch & Win lottery tickets,Telephone cards & instant lucky draw.

Glitter(Hexagon) Series

Glitter products can be use as surface decoration at it exhibit very good glittering Effects. It can also be used as a security feature to thwart colour-copying fraud since the coloured metal particles on an original will only produce black when copied and used to print like iphone Case,Pens,T.Shirt and etc.

Invisible Security

Invisible Security inks-Protection has assumed the top of mind position due to a rising concern about counterfeiting-this has led to greater use of security marking that is only visible under with invisible UV ink that is only visible under UV light.

Reversible Photochromic

Reversible Photochromic inks changes from Clear when indoor to Colour when outdoor. Specifically, Photochromic ink changes their chemical structure after absorbing ultraviolet (UV)light, usually from the sun or a black light.

Reversible Thermochromic

Reversible Thermochromic inks change colour when heated by normal body temperature. These inks return to their original state after being activated.


Fragrance inks are manufactured from a fragrance which has been micro encapsulated in plastic spheres. When scratched of the spheres will ruptured.


Phosphorescent inks absorbs sunshine or the light of electric lamp and stores light energy. It glows Spontaneously when moved into a dark area.It is strongly recommended that they be printed over white substrate or ink to achieve optimum effect.