We supply a broad range of screen printing machines for printing. Our range of machines contains multiple features for easy operations and can perform swiftly resulting greater output. Our Screen printing machines includes , hot stamping machines, UV curing machines, flame processor, pneumatic netting machines, vacuum printing frame and a series of special printing and peripheral equipment etc.


We supply Screen Printing Equipments, our machines provides high accuracy for printing. It can accommodate various shape and size parts for screen printing.

Screen Printing Inks

We supplying screen printing inks like Solvent Inks, UV Inks, UV Varnishes, UV- LED CURING, Screen Making Chemicals and Emulsions. We have dedicated inn house colour matching to service our customers with special colour matches for screen, pad printings and also, we match UV inks. our name is synonymous with providing best of service to our customers. Our main emphasis is to make a complete one stop solution for the requirements of printers with the motto of "Service with technology".


We have an in-house Stencil Making with top-of –the –line professional stencil material made under strict quality control, Clean, durable and precise, our materials make the stenciling process accurate and efficient. Stretching service is very versatile as we use different ways to stretch the meshes-mechanical stretcher and pneumatic stretcher and colour matching facility for all sorts of screen printing processes We are capable of matching inks in various shades using the solvent, UV, pad printing inks. our products' quality speaks for itself.


Micro Screen Productions Pte. Ltd. provide customers high-quality and low cost accessories , supply special accessories according to customers requirements.