Atma Mini Flat Screen Printer

Model: TY-300FBT/TY-400FBT/TY-500FBT
Application: Suitable for nameplate/ acrylic plate,/ computer box/ automobile(motorcycle) dashboard/stationary & gift/ plastic & rubber products/ exercise equipment.. etc screen printing.

Atma Stereo Casing Screen Printer

Model: TY- 600HX
Application: Decoration(Suitable for hard material of case printing)

Atma Economic Type Electric Flat Screen Printer

Model: AT-80P/B
Application: Suitable for various flat hard board screen printing.Such as : Nameplate/ Billboard/ Membrane Switch/ PCB/ Opto -electronic display,… etc. Industrial products printing.

Atma Curve Printer

Model: TY-1200GL
Application: Special for big diameter of pail, can , bottle & cylinder or half cylinder substrate curve printing such as machine oil tank/cake box

Atma Clam Shell Screen Printer

Model: ATMECH 57/ATMACH 57/B
Application: switch / Flexible printed circuit board line/ mark& legend of PCB printing.

Atma Squeegee Sharpener

Model: AT-S70/AT-S100/AT-S150/AT-S200
Application: Specially used for automatic grinding squeegee rubber with holder in order to achieve flat straightness with sharp edge to secure printing quality.

Atma Jumbo Four Post Screen Printer

Model: ATMAX 1225/ATMAX 1530/ATMAX 1536/G
Application: Suitable for advertisement post/bus carriage advertisement/vending machine face panel/cinema propaganda post/outdoor billboard/3D portrayal advertisement./acrylic advertisement light box/directory signage/container label.

Atma Fully Automatic CCD PCB Screen Printer

Model: ATMAPC PC66/PC68
Application: Suitable for fully automatic printing fine line, PSR and Solder paste printing legend onto rigid Printed Circuits Boards.