Kenny Electrical Screen Printer

Model: TPM-D4560/TPM-D6080/TPM-D6010
Application: This equipment series is suitable for printing on all kinds of flat materials such as membrane switch, name plate, LCD display, keyboard, instrument panel, glass, ceramic decals, paper etc..

Kenny Automatic Self-Integrated Exposure Unit

Model: UVB-8510/UVB-9512/UVB-1212
Application: It is used for preparing the high quality stencils for half tone jobs and highly dense line stencils.

Kenny UV Dryer

Model: UVD-60/2 /UVD-80/3
Application: Membrane switch / Flexible printed circuit board, line/ mark& legend of PCB printing.

Kenny ECM

Model: ECM-1212 /ECM-2035
Application: This machine is used for precision coating of emulsion on screens especially so for large format screens.

Kenny Compact Squeegee Grinder

Model: SD-8510 /SD-9512
Application: Specially designed for re-sharpening the worn-out squeegee

Kenny Stencil Dryer

Model: SD-8510 /SD-9512
Application: The stencil dryer is an universal equipment for drying the screen before coating, coated with emulsion, exposed screens, etc.